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Adventure Books

Top Ocean Adventure Books for Kids

Reading books has to be one of the most important habits that you can teach your children. It is said to have the most significant impact on their lives. Once you instill the reading habit in children, it allows them to explore themselves through various books and genres and facilitates the development of their personality.

If you love the ocean, you can pass this love on to your children. However, it might not be best to start with detailed and complex fiction and non-fiction books based on the ocean. Instead, you can purchase some children-friendly ocean adventure books. Here are the top ocean adventure books that your kids are sure to love:

Jacob Two-Two on the High Seas

This is a fun book written by the award-winning author Cary Fagan. It is full of wit and has a spirit of adventure. It’s about a character called Jacob Two-Two who goes on an adventure on the SS Spring-a-Leak and makes some interesting friends. However, things are not quite what they seem on the SS Spring-a-Leak. Your child will have lots of giggles reading this book and cherish the experience.

Lost and Found

This book, written by the award-winning author Oliver Jeffers is regarded as a children’s classic. It is an award-winning picture book full of colorful illustrations. The story is about a sweet boy who is visited by a sad penguin.

The boy finds out that the penguin is lost. He takes the initiative and jumps on a row boat with the Penguin to take him home, which happens to be the South Pole. There are plenty of important themes and morals in this book. It’s a great story that celebrates the spirit of friendship.

Treasure Island (Graphic Novel)

Treasure Island, written by Robert Louis Stevenson, is an exciting story about Jim Hawkins, who is on an adventure to get his hands on a treasure. It is considered a spectacular work of literature. However, if you think your child isn’t prepared to read the original, you can hand them a graphic novel by talented artist Tim Hamilton. It’s suitable for children in grades 5-9.

Treasure Island

Sea of Dreams

This book really brings out the beauty of the sea through its stunning artwork. It can captivate your child’s attention and provide an immersive experience. It will compel them to imagine the different scenarios in which the story may play it. If your child is in the initial stage of learning how to read, make sure to purchase this book for them.

To Sum Up

These top ocean adventure books for kids are great gifts to give your children. As your children grow up, they will recall these books with fondness. These books will serve as powerful reminders of the beauty of childhood innocence and the power of imagination. They will be grateful to you as well.

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