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Top 5 Nautical Comic Books That You Should Include in Your Reading List

If you love to read novels that are set on the high seas, then you should try reading nautical comic books. They are usually very unconventional and full of twists and turns. In addition, they are colorful to look at. Storytelling through visual imagery is undoubtedly a powerful method. So, if you want to get started with nautical comic books, here are the top nautical comic books that you should include in your reading list:


Plunge, written by talented and award-winning writer Joe Hill is a must-read. The story of Plunge begins with the vanishing of the ship named ‘The Derleth.’ The adventurous Carpenter brothers go on a mission to get more information about the ship.

read novels

They are also accompanied by an oil executive and marine biologist. This book can send shivers up your spine. The artwork and style of storytelling are something that will make you not want to set the book down. It’s a classic horror tale that will give you goosebumps.


Low is written by Rick Remander, and it’s a powerful story. The comic book size is quite huge. So, you can expect to be occupied with it for many days. Low is about members of the human race trying their best to survive extinction.

The book is described as an ‘aquatic fantasy,’ and the level of creativity and detail displayed in the artwork will leave you in awe. In addition, the characterization is done excellently, and you will find plenty of identification with the character’s emotional processes.

One Piece

One Piece is a top-rated Manga series that has been active since 1997. It has remained consistent in its quality of artwork and storytelling. It has all the elements of a good sea adventure story. It has a highly inspirational and cheerful protagonist known as Monkey D. Luffy, and the story is full of pirates as well. It has many well-written villains as well.

You will need patience and time to catch up to the latest events in this series. Its world-building is second to none. As you keep reading it, you will develop a strong connection with the characters, and you won’t be able to stop reading it.

Sailor Twain

Sailor Twain

Sailor Twain, also popularly known as ‘The Mermaid in the Hudson,’ is a classic by Mark Siegel. It is a beautiful story with black-and-white illustrations. It’s about a captain who saves a mermaid from danger. This graphic novel explores themes of love, romance, and secrecy gracefully through imagery. It is incredibly poetic and evocative in its style.

Set to Sea

By reading ‘Set to Sea,’ you get to step into the shoes of the protagonist and experience life on the sea. He realizes life on the sea is not exactly romantic and is forced to confront its many realities. However, he eventually learns to love the process. It’s a fun book that has just a single image on each page. The illustrations are in black-and-white.

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