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Must-read Sea-faring adventure books

Sea-faring adventures are inspiring and death-defying. Suppose you are someone who wants to sail across the sea, experience the numerous adventures and life-threatening situations posed by the mighty ocean, and explore the far-flung destinations, sailing adventure books will be gratifying to read.

If you are someone who cannot afford to go for a sea-faring adventure, you can read these books to get a glimpse of what life in the sea is life is like. Here are the best sea-fairing adventure books that will help you taste all the adventures and phases of sailing life.

Seized: A Sea Captain’s Adventures Battling Scoundrels and Pirates While Recovering Stolen Ships in the World’s Most Troubled Waters by Max Hardberger

This book by Max Hardberger, a ship captain, writer, and adventurer, takes the readers on a real-life journey into the mysterious world of freighters. He takes us to his unique and peculiar life, where he recovers stolen ships for a living.

We can see how desperate the owners are when they hire Max Hardberger to extract the ships that have been seized illegally. Max Hardberger gathers a team of highly skilled sailors to complete the nearly-impossible mission and sail along with his team to the international waters under cover of darkness. This is a high stake mission, where you can even lose your life. If Max or anyone on his team gets caught, they risk imprisonment or death.

Thus, this finely crafted adventure non-fiction takes us through the mysterious world of the multibillion-dollar maritime industry.

sailing adventure books

The Gulf of Mexico: A Maritime history by John S. Sledge

John S. Sledge, through this book, presents a compelling narrative on the tenth largest water body on the face of the planet. This is a book with beautiful illustrations that enables the readers to get an insight into the life of people, ships, and cities that made the history, culture, and heritage of the Gulf so mesmerizing and rich. We can also learn about many significant figures like Francis Drake and Earnest Hemmingway, who have sailed across the Gulf’s waters. Sledge also takes us through the unique and exciting life of people in the Gulf, thus enabling the readers to see and understand what maritime life is like.

Plunge: One Woman’s Pursuit of a Lifeless Ordinary by Liesbet Collaert

If you are women who have always dreamt of leading a nomadic life and exploring the vast adventure of the sea, then Liesbet Collaert’s book is the inspiration you were looking for. From her journey through Mexico and Central America to sailing across the south pacific, this is a wonderful tale that enables us to look at the world from a different perspective. Her nomadic lifestyle will motivate the readers to lead an alternate lifestyle.

Escape from the ordinary by Julie Bradley

This adventure book takes us through the life of two couples who retired early to fulfill their dream of sailing around the world. The story will take us through every adventure the couple faced, like getting caught in the Force 10 storm to escaping from the underwater caverns in the pacific.

The author has given a vivid description of their sail around the world that will inspire everyone to take risks and chase their passion. Read these books to explore and experience the unique and adventurous life in the sea.

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