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Maritime Novels

Five Maritime Novels That Will Leave You Speechless

Maritime fictions are always thrilling narratives with a setting on or near the ocean or sea that concentrates on how people interact with the sea, explores sea journeys, and emphasizes seafaring culture. Here are some mind-blowing maritime novels that improve your understanding and empathy on sea adventures.

The North Water

McGuire’s violent and very inventive story published on 2016, grabs like a thriller which sets sail towards the Arctic on a 19th century whaling ship with a killer embarked. Henry drake who is featured as a foul-smelling, and cruel man who is Volunteering, a Yorkshire whaler headed towards the abundant hunting grounds of the arctic region. Patrick Sumner, a former physician with a reputational damage, no funds, and no better choice but to travel as the ship’s doctor on this violent, and unfortunate expedition, is also on deck for the first time.

The Perfect Storm

Junger writes about storm-related heroic rescue in his book The Perfect Storm. Junger conducts interviews with captains of other warships, Coast Guard employees, and the relatives of the deceased in an effort to learn what exactly did happen to the Andrea Gail. In contrast to the grandeur and might of the ocean, the seventy-to-eighty-foot swordfish sailboats appear to be little. Junger talks about gusts that are more than 100 miles per hour and waves that are over hundred feet high. According to him, storms are the most potent occurrence on earth.

The Perfect Storm


The Japanese trade monopoly is overthrown by five Dutch ships under the command of an English aircraft piolet named John Blackthorne in the novel. Instead, Lord Toranaga Yoshi uses the pilot as his secret weapon, drawing him into Japanese politics. Shogun keeps readers spellbound as they put themselves in the shoes of the English aircraft piolet by using simple narrative techniques. By the conclusion, the reader has acquired knowledge of Japan while assisting Blackthorne in his struggle for survival.

Deadly straits

The enthralling novel Deadly Straits which was crafted by McDermott is a complex account of terrorist schemes and bad guys. Given that much of the action takes place at sea, there are many technical aspects that will please nautical enthusiasts. The reader feels immersed in the action regardless of where it is taking place thanks to the story’s constant switching between settings and points of view.

Hornblower Series

In a series of engaging ten novels, the author of the novel C.S. Forester fictionalizes the sea war during the Napoleonic era. The books describe Horatio Hornblower’s life existence as a second lieutenant seaman during the treacherous seas of the Battle of France. The exceptional details that occur in these novels serve as a doorway into history for readers. According to observers and critics, C.S. Forrester brought his own distinctiveness to the blending of reality and fiction through this unique series.

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