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Best-Selling Seafaring Adventure Books, You Should Never Miss

The likelihood is that you enjoy the sea or ocean if you are reading this. Or, to put it another way, you adore the ocean and consider yourself a thalassophile. If you identify yourself as a sea lover, you can utilize these novels to deepen your connection to the ocean and increase your appreciation of its beauty and experience.

Pirate Latitudes

Michael Crichton’s Pirate Latitudes, which was rediscovered after the author’s passing, merges pirate conflicts with a 17th-century treasure hunt! The Governor of Jamaica hires Captain Charles Hunter to look for the shipwreck of a galleon that is rumored to be a treasure trove of gold and diamonds. Before returning to Port Royal, Hunter’s crew must cross enemy ships, terrifying cyclones, and even the inevitable Kraken. There, the pirates must still face their greatest obstacle with one another. Will the Captain succeed, or will a slew of betrayals deprive him of his reward?

The Liveship Traders

The ships in this trilogy are built of mystical wood that gives them sentience, elevating the maritime theme to a whole new level. Typically, they pass down through families for several generations, almost ensuring their owners’ prosperity. Althea Vestrit’s liveship, however, is traded off as a cargo vessel for the dreaded slave trade when she reaches adulthood. As she discovers that the Liveships might have independent fates, Althea must assemble a crew to save her ship and battle sea snakes, baby dinosaurs, and slave uprisings.

To the Ends of the Earth

William Golding wrote a trilogy, around the theme of cruelty being common and people spending most of the sea adventure reverting to their most terrible selves. A miniseries based on the trilogy debuted in 2006 and starred Benedict Cumberbatch as the snobbish topmost imbecile Edmund Talbot. Throughout the journey from Britain to Australia, Young Edmund’s novel progressively takes shape as the ship starts to break into pieces and the members of the crew are all shown to be more than they first appear to be. Our hero finally starts to experience the first signs of affection in various parts of his body, including the heart, after much sickness and debate of social mores.

The Cruel Sea

The Cruel Sea

The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarrat is based on his real experiences serving in Royal warfare during World War II. This 1951 novel centers on the experiences of the sailors of the HMS Compass Rose, an escorting ship engaged in the Battle of the Atlantic. The book’s chapters each represent a year of warfare, during which the seamen had to carry out their duties while maintaining their spirits despite the constant threat of being torpedoed to pieces by U-boats. More of a harrowing account of brave sacrifice than a nice sailing journey.


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